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How It Works

"I looked at the UK investment market and thought it could do with a shake-up."

Tom Russell InvestSmart

How Does This Service Work?

“I looked at the UK investment market and thought it could do with a shake-up.”

We offer something different. When you come to us the trail commission is transferred from your existing agent (this is usually the company you bought the policy from) to InvestSmart. We then rebate a proportion of this commission back to you.

For those who are confident managing their own funds we offer a simple market beating 85% trail commission rebate. For everyone else we offer a 50% rebate combined with a comprehensive annual portfolio review, with access to one of our qualified advisors, so that you can keep on top of your funds.

You select the service that suits you. For both options there is no change to your investments and the service won’t cost you a penny. There’s no catch. You really have nothing to lose!

  • Complete the online form, detailing any policies that you have

  • We will write to you confirming whether your funds are eligible. By signing and returning the pre-completed form you appoint InvestSmart as your agent. At this stage you select either the 85% rebate only service or the 50% rebate with annual portfolio reviews

  • When we receive your form we will contact the fund managers on your behalf and will arrange for your commission to be rebated into your investments


Andy and Jenny Oram

“The yearly fund review allows us to see how all our investments are performing. In the past we were kept in the dark by our adviser”

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The InvestSmart Difference

  • Up to 85% of your trail commission rebated back into your investments
  • The option of annual fund reviews so you know how your funds are performing