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Case Study - Naomi Acton
Marketing Consultant

"I looked at the UK investment market and thought it could do with a shake-up."

Tom Russell InvestSmart


"Having regular performance reports and getting money paid back into my funds really is the best of both Worlds”

Naomi is a self employed marketing consultant. She is 49 and has recently divorced. She pays £300 a month into a personal pension, and also invests £200 monthly into an ISA. Both were set up with an Independent Financial Advisor prior to her divorce and she is no longer in contact with him. She also has a number of other investments but she was unsure of the details.

The INVESTSMART difference

Naomi was delighted to find out that her pension and ISA funds would receive a rebate of £420 a year through InvestSmart.

Once InvestSmart sent her the full details of her other policies Naomi decided that it would be useful to review their suitability for her current circumstances. Following her complementary discussion over the phone, she was referred to InvestSmart’s advice arm and was provided with a full review and report for a transparent fee, agreed in advance.

*Disclaimer: Case studies shown are for illustrative purposes only and are based on typical scenarios